Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Introducing: Yossa Fel

My apologies about the lack of post last week. I had two large papers due. That also precluded the next session from making it through the editing process in time. Session updates will resume next week.


Yossa Fel is a 34 year old Ankura Gungan. He grew up among his people and served in the Grand Army, achieving significant rank and prestige. He also married and while he has no children as of yet, he is very close to his wife. He doesn't talk about his past at all with anyone, because he's been banished. The great war hero Yossa Fel is not allowed to return to his people, but his wife could not leave her responsibilities to join him. Their solution is to send journals back and forth, so that at least they can share that much. Since his exile, he has been making a living as a mercenary, selling his prodigious skill with his atlatl to whomever offers legitimate work. Even despite all that has happened, Yossa still has a strong respect for the law, although he suspects with considerable frequency that imperial law isn't worth the trouble to follow. He'll generally come across as gruff and a tad mean, but can you blame him?

Yossa is known for his skills with a Gungan atlatl.

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