Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Session 1: You meet in a tavern, er... cantina

Most updates will be shorter. This one is pretty heavy on the dialog and character descriptions. It was the last session before my work schedule changed, significantly shortening the time we have.

If you haven't checked out the my character's bio, I'd encourage you to do so.

Handy links are included to Wookiepedia for those not familiar with Star Wars when necessary.

A dejected Baniss Nootka wandered the streets after receiving the sad news: he has been terminated from his job as navigator on the luxury liner Glitterspur. Rodians, Duros, Twi'leks, and several other non-human species wander the streets (pictures provided via links). The aliens are relegated to this section of Coruscant due to the Empire's bias against non-humans. An ASP droid wandered through the crowd as well. Normally, this would draw Nootka's attention but he isn't paying much attention to where he is going.

Yesterday, he received a message from his cousin: Baniss's uncle is dead, killed inside his favorite cantina on Corellia. A Twi'lek fugitive seated at the next table started shooting when confronted by a stormtrooper patrol. The uncle, sitting in his favorite corner booth, could not get to cover. A stray blaster bolt caught him right between the eyes, killing him instantly. Baniss sighed. Could things get any worse?

Suddenly, his datapad beeped. Conflicting thoughts run through his mind: A message? With a job offer? No reply address. Seems questionable and I've got a good bit of credits stashed away, but I want to save that for a droid. Maybe they'll let me fly a ship! Okay, I've got to check this out. He sliced into the network, trying to see where it originated. No such luck. Might as well check the meeting point.

Baniss was the first to arrive at the cantina. A droid floated up to him and directed him to a corner table. Someone else was picking up the tab! He ordered a Bantha steak and looked around. Was that a human sitting at the bar? Why would a human want to be in a Twi'lek restaurant, much less the non-human section of the city? He looks a little tipsy. Maybe he just wandered into the wrong part of town.

Soon, a gungan arrived, followed by a rodian, and a being he could not identify. The being had a breath mask and appeared to be female. An oddly modified Asp droid hunkered in a corner near the table. The gungan ordered the most expensive thing on the menu, a special stew, and kept going on and on about how good it was. "Might as well get a meal like this when someone else is paying for it," the gungan explained. Soon, a small droid skittered over and hopped up onto the table. A hologram flickered out from its projector.

"Ah, you're all here. Excellent," the furry bothan said as he surveyed the three of them. "I am Shiv and I have job for you."

"I figured that," the gungan interrupted.

"Yes, well, I need a new crew for my courier ship..."

Nootka, overcome by excitement, exclaimed, "A ship! Can I fly it?"

"Yes, you will be the pilot. I'm prepared to pay 1500 credits per shipment." Baniss's eyebrows raised. Or rather, they would have if duros had any. That sounded like quite a bit more than the going rate."

"Will there be any shooting?"

"No, there won't be."

"Good! I don't like shooting! It's a bad thing."

The gungan smiled. He new the bothan was bluffing. He knew he was there as an insurance policy in case things went sideways. He guessed that's what the rodian was there for as well.

Shiv gave them the docking bay number and requested they be there in exactly one week, prepared to depart. "Do any of you have gear that would require special transportation arrangements?" Shiv inquired. The gungan raised his hand. "Yes, Yossa?"

"Yeah, I have gear that requires special transportation arrangements," Yossa replied in a surly manner.

"Okay. Yes, I shall take care of that. See all of you in a week, if you're still interested." The droid skittered off before anyone could reply.

Everyone returned to their meals, except Baniss, who grabbed his datapad in an effort to find out information about the ship in that berth. Before he got anywhere on his search, six stormtroopers (half of a squad) walked into the bar. All the patrons stared down at their food, trying not to draw attention to themselves lest they face Imperial wrath. After some looking about, one of the stormtroopers pointed to Baniss's table. "They're coming over here, aren't they?" The gungan half-asked, half stated.

"Yep," the odd being at the table with them responded.

In reply, the gungan started eating his stew faster.

The stormtroopers approached. "Are you Baniss Nootka?"

"Yes. Is there a problem officer?"

"Put your hands up and no sudden movements! You're under arrest!"

While complying with their request, he asked, "What's the charge?"

"You know what you did! Hands in the air!"

"No, tell me."

One of the troopers advanced to the edge of the table as his compatriots fanned out to block escape from that corner. As the trooper approached the rodian, she jumped to her feet, jabbering something incoherent. At that moment, the Asp droid activated its fire extinguisher. Over the commotion, a voice was heard, "Subject is resisting arrest send back-up!"

As patrons rushed from their tables toward the lone exit, Nootka replied, "I'm not resisting!"

The gungan started to eat faster. The odd being held her hands in the air.

The rodian drew her weapon and fired, immediately downing the nearest stormtrooper. "Send back-up now! He's resisting!" the trooper captain implored.

"I told you, I'm not resisting!" The rodian fired on another trooper as another advanced on the human that was still sitting at the bar. The inebriated man jumped up, producing a pair of pistols from nowhere, and popped off a couple of stun bolts that missed their mark.

The gungan ate faster. The cloud of fog expanded around the droid, now engulfing a space right next to Nootka.

"Send back-up! We need back-up!"

"I'm not resis... okay, I'm resisting!" Baniss yelled as he drew his blaster and slid into the gas cloud.

The rodian dropped another stormtrooper. The gungan continued eating.

A stormtrooper tackled the unknown human at the bar, slapping a pair of binders on him. Baniss fired on another trooper, hitting his mark but not taking that one out of the fight. As Baniss emerged from the cloud of droid-produced gas, six more stormtroopers burst through the door flipping tables and taking cover. One fired a stun blast at Nootka taking him down for the count. A trooper tackled the rodian as two of them struggled to apply the restraints. Someone shot the droid and he became useless.

The gungan slammed his spoon down onto the table "Done!" and raised his arms in victory. Both he and the strange alien were restrained and ushered into a transport to take them to the station.
I'll attach the conversation from our stay in the holding cell to the session 2 update. This is long enough already.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introducing: Bannis Nootka!

My character for this Star Wars d20 campaign is Baniss Nootka.

Baniss is a 20 year old, cowardly Duro pilot. The link has a picture of a Duro that should help you visualize our "hero."
Like most Duro, he grew up on his family's ship, the Glitterspur. Again, like most Duro, his family kicked him off the ship once he came of age. He left on Corellia and has worked as a navigator on a luxury liner, the Baystar, for 2 years. Before the ship's most recent voyage from Corellia to the Imperial capital of Coruscant, the son (Ganner Shran Mors) of the Baystar's owner (Arvid Shran Mors) was hired for another position as a navigator. Conflict arose between the two as Ganner did not like being the low man on the totem pole. Of course, Arvid pulled some strings to remove Baniss. Thus, Baniss is suddenly unemployed and walking around on a planet hostile to non-humans.

Nootka is not the most hardy of characters. As such, his usual response to conflict is sneaking away when no one is looking... or running if they are. If cornered, he will fight and his a good shot with a blaster. I expect his signature phrase in this campaign will be either "Please don't hurt me!" or "Aaaaaaahhh! Run!"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

About this blog

Who am I? I'm a 20-something guy living in the Seattle area. My group has been together for about 2 years

I've been in 2 Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaigns (one of which was just filler to give someone else a shot at DMing), several one-shot D&D 3.5 adventures, a quartet of GURPS sessions at a con, a one-shot Pathfinder session run by a local author (awesome!), a recent home-brewed d12 system, and just started a Star Wars d20 campaign with my Thursday night group. All of this occurred in the last 2 years. We won't count my TPK I caused as a player in the West End Games Star Wars system about 10 years ago. I'll have to tell you about it sometime. It's a good story.

Why build a blog?
I tend to focus most on plot and mechanics and the DMs in my group tend to run sandbox-style campaigns. Not much in the way of a story arc there. As several members of my current group have complained that I tend to neglect character development in favor of mechanics, this blog is intended to help me develop my characters more. Expect some entries to be from the POV of my character writing in their personal journal. Plus, I may tell some interesting stories from previous sessions.

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