Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Search for Shiv: Planetside

I keep forgetting I have this blog until it's time for my promised Wednesday post. I've got to get back in the habit of doing this. Here we go:

When we last left our heroes, they had just crash landed on the blockaded world of N'zoth and the ship was now missing a stabilizer (in this case, it’s kind of like a wing on an airplane, except it's movable). His backstory establishes that Drev loved his ship. He insisted they repair it instead of finding a new one. Drev decided to stay with the ship on guard duty instead of venturing out on the mission. Not realizing that Yossa hates droids, he ordered Sparky to follow Yossa’s commands. Sparky had the specs for the necessary part. Just before landing, a message arrived from their prospective ally indicating the city he was hiding in. It looked to be a 2-3 day walk through the forest to the city Yossa’s friend, Saban, indicated.

En route, they encountered a group of vorpacks. Our GM described them as “Star Wars Tribbles. They swarmed the party as the group tried to sleep. All they really did was go “Eep!” When a Tiss’shar gobbled one down, the rest scattered.

This concluded the December session. We didn’t get to play for over a month after that.

The next session, the group arrived at the town to find stormtroopers conducting a door-to-door search. The locals were unhappy, and it appeared a riot would break out at any moment. Remember, this is N’zoth. The locals are incredibly xenophobic. An AT-ST clanked as it walked in the distance. Zin was sent in to scout while Val, the sniper, found a place in a tall tree on the edge of the forest. The sneaky Zin managed to sneak into an apartment complex that the Imperials were searching. I don’t know why the player thought that would be a good idea. Zin got ahead of the patrol sweeping the place and went room-to-room. At some point, Zin shut the door right behind a group of stormtroopers that had just gone into a room. After much fruitless searching by both Zin and stormtroopers, Zin misstepped and made a noise. A trooper called it in. Zin then heard the words she dreaded: “Yes, sir. Switching to thermal imaging.”

Zin sprinted outside and down the hallway to the only exit where she found two stormtroopers holding the crowd back from entering the complex. On the bright side, Zin had skill points spent in jump, tumble, and several other relevant skills. She charged down the stairs before leaping through the doorway. The troopers never expected to see someone coming out of the building! When Val saw Zin dashing through the doorway into the street, she let loose a shot at one of the troopers. Critical hit! He’s down! As Zin turned down the nearest alley, Val fired off a couple more shots before climbing down from the tree. She didn’t want to risk anyone tracing the shots back to her present location. Zin continued to zig-zag through alleys. Suddenly, an arm reached out and hauled her into one of the buildings! Once inside, a shadowy figure dragged her down a hatch in the floor. “Yousa stirring up a lot of trouble. I should have expected nothing less from the great Yossa Fel.” It was Saban. Finally, we had the entire party in play! After waiting some time for things to cool down, Saban used Zin’s comlink to contact Val (Yossa doesn’t own a comlink). She handed it off to Yossa. Saban told him to meet at “the drinking spot we used to go to when we were off duty.” Yossa groaned. They were to meet outside a cantina just off the base! That was where the session ended.

Next time, join us for the grand meet-up!

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