Wednesday, September 22, 2010

About this blog

Who am I? I'm a 20-something guy living in the Seattle area. My group has been together for about 2 years

I've been in 2 Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaigns (one of which was just filler to give someone else a shot at DMing), several one-shot D&D 3.5 adventures, a quartet of GURPS sessions at a con, a one-shot Pathfinder session run by a local author (awesome!), a recent home-brewed d12 system, and just started a Star Wars d20 campaign with my Thursday night group. All of this occurred in the last 2 years. We won't count my TPK I caused as a player in the West End Games Star Wars system about 10 years ago. I'll have to tell you about it sometime. It's a good story.

Why build a blog?
I tend to focus most on plot and mechanics and the DMs in my group tend to run sandbox-style campaigns. Not much in the way of a story arc there. As several members of my current group have complained that I tend to neglect character development in favor of mechanics, this blog is intended to help me develop my characters more. Expect some entries to be from the POV of my character writing in their personal journal. Plus, I may tell some interesting stories from previous sessions.

updated August 19, 2011

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