Monday, October 11, 2010

Session 1, part 2: Jailhouse Talk

The troopers roughly shoved their prisoners in to their cell; all except the droid were present. Three of them took seats, but the unconscious Duros and Rodian lay on the floor.

Yossa, the Gungan, spoke first. "Why did I go to the cantina? I knew that Duros looked like bad news when meesa get there. Meesa shoulda walked right out the door!" He paused. "At least the stew was good."

"I gathered that," the strange alien said.

"Well good for you! What are you, some kind of detective?" Yossa spat back.


"Oh," a deflated Yossa replied. He turned to the human. "And you! What yousa problem? That not a human place!"

The human slurred his reply, "I wanted some stew. They make good stew."

"Oh. But then why shoot the stormtroopers?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

"'Seemed like a good idea at the time,'" Yossa sneered. "Great. That's great meesa stuck in cell with a crazy human." He glared at the Rodian. "What's her problem anyway? You'd think she'd never seen a pair of binders before!"

"Oh? And you've been arrested before?" the other creature asked suspiciously.

"No, but I know how they operate," he said, switching back to a standard pronoun. "I notice you didn't resist either."

"I hadn't done anything wrong. It's just easier that way."

"And you!" Yossa bellowed at the Duros. "What's your problem?"

Baniss continued to feign sleep.

"Still sleepin' it off?" He turned to the detective. "I want to know what he did! It's his fault we're in this mess!"

"I don't know."

"I don't know either." Baniss decided it was time to speak.

"Look at that! He is awake." Yossa crossed his arms with contempt.

The odd alien went right into detective mode. "Anything unusual happen recently?"

"I got fired today."

"What did you do?"

"I was a navigator on a luxury liner. They fired me to replace me with some human."

"Ain't that always the case?" Yossa shot daggers at the human with his eyes.

"Yeah." The detective sighed.

"I didn't catch your names. I am Baniss Nootka, pilot."

"I'm Yossa."

"And what do you do, Yossa?" Baniss Nootka inquired.

"None of your business, that's what I do!"

"What about you? I've never seen anyone of your race before."

"My name is Ith Sang and I'm a Kel Dor."

"Bishop Naebul." The human chimed in, unsolicited. "I work in... security."

There was a little chatter before they drifted off to sleep, awaiting their interrogation the next day.

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