Monday, January 10, 2011

Jailbreak, part 2

A lone Kel Dor waited at the docking platform.

That could have gone better,
Ith thought. He said the others would be here soon. I think they will want to hear who framed Baniss.

As Neela, Yossa, and Baniss reached the bottom of the stairs, Neela gasped, grabbing her chest and falling to the floor.

House rule: If you don't have your character sheet, your character is stricken with a sudden medical condition rendering them unconcious until the sheet is produced. If a reasonable amount of time has past and you still can't find it, the character dies of a heart attack. In this case, Neela's player couldn't be there and had not ensured her sheet was there.
Six stormtroopers had just re-entered the complex. A U-shaped reception desk stands just in front of our heroes. Yossa and Baniss sprint to cover behind the desk as the stormtroopers duck behind nearby stone benches. Baniss pops up and fires off a shot, drawing a hail of return fire.

"Stay down!" said Yossa.

Before Baniss could react, a blaster bolt catches him in the shoulder. He was down for the count. Yossa swears and remains behind cover. After several moments, he hears the clatter of stormtrooper armor approaching. Yossa jump ups and lets two energy balls fly with his atlatl. One finds its mark. Four more troopers reach Yossa. Wielding his atlatl like a club, Yossa smacks one across the helmet. Two fire into that melee. Yossa makes a radial attack. A blaster misfires and a trooper goes down. Another loses his grip on his rifle and it slips from his fingers. (Game mechanics note: fumbles are awesome!) Yossa is now in melee with two troopers and three more stand within firing range. Blaster fire strikes Yossa as two troopers charge at him. Cue ASP-707. He lets loose a blast with a flamethrower. The trooper's armor looks crispy, but he's still on his feet. Yossa thumps a trooper on the head, dropping him. The droid takes a swing at another trooper. He's down! Only one left! The last one fires point blank at Yossa, scoring a hit. The mighty Yossa lapses into unconciousness. A final strike from the droid is all it takes. The ASP droid retrieves the final trooper's blaster rifle, and fires into the man's head. He then does the same to the other stormtroopers. He then pulls his black cloak out of the collection he looted from the evidence room and puts it on.

He scoops up the three bodies and carries them outside. Bishop spots him and pulls up. "Throw them in the back!"

After the droid does so, he slides into the front seat. "Drive," a metallic voice under the hood says.

A few kilometers out, sirens sound behind them. Three patrol aircars in pursuit. The ASP flips a switch and the roof of the speeder tumbles into the never-ending depths below. He takes his rifle and fires off a barrage at their pursuers.

Just then, the radio crackles to life. It's Shiv! "I do believe you have outlived your usefulness." With that the radio shuts off. So does the engine.

Bishop miraculously puts the craft down as gently as a crash landing from several stories can be.

[Extra remarkable because Bishop has but a single skill point in pilot. He rolled a natural 20! Baniss is now one hit point away from death. He needs to make a fortitude save to survive. He is awful at those, so I mentally prepare myself to bring in a new character. Everyone else does the same. I need a 15 or better on my d20. And we have an.... 18! An 18! We're all still alive!]

The crowds descend upon the crashed speeder as soon as the bodies are dragged from the wreckage. All the patrol cars passing over them see is the usual mass of people found at that level on Coruscant.

The droid points at a nearby store. "Fix them and I'll get info," he says and walks into the crowd.

Bishop ignores the orders, deciding instead to keep an eye on his comrades. Dragging three unconscious bodies around while shopping looks suspicious.

No one has shown up yet. An impatient Ith is leaning against the wall. Suddenly, she hears steps coming down the hallway toward her. Metallic boots. And lots of them. This is not good. Maybe I need to check a computer. She walks off in the other direction in search of the nearest terminal.

What she finds there shocks her. Out the window, she sees a plume of smoke. I need to get out of here! A rebel attack! And they're calling me the mastermind? Shiv, you Sithspawn!
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