Friday, August 19, 2011

The Blog Strikes Back!

I'm back from my school-induced hiatus. My new schedule should permit me the time to resume the blog. Here's tentative schedule for the next few weeks:

Wednesday, August 24: An intro to the D&D 3.5 campaign world I'm creating. I'd really like some feedback on my plans. As soon as this entry posts, I'm going to write this up. This will probably be the direction the blog takes for the foreseeable future. My goal is to have the setting ready to go by January. The campaign would begin following the end of whatever thing my group is running at that time.

Wednesday, August 31: The beginning of the end for Star Wars: The Search for Shiv campaign. I won't include as much in the way of dialogue with these posts since the campaign wrapped up in June.

Wednesday, September 7: More Search for Shiv.

Tuesday, September 13: Part 3 of the dramatic conclusion. This may or may not be the final entry. It depends on how long the last post runs.

Tuesday, September 20: If the prior entry did not complete the campaign, this will do it.

A review of the 3rd edition adventure The Burning Plague will insert itself somewhere in the mix. This is my second DM experience and what my group is currently doing when our new Star Wars campaign doesn't run. We have 1-2 sessions left with this. I may be able to get my brother to do a report on his experience at Dragonflight this summer. I didn't make it due to work.

There are a few different directions the blog could take.

The possibilities:

1. World creation journal with the intention of gaining feedback from a (hopefully) growing readership.

2. A journal for the new Jedi-focused Star Wars campaign my group started.

3. A review of the D&D 3.5 adventures on the Wizards of the Coast website. I would be running these with my group on the nights our Jedi campaign doesn't run due to the DM's work schedule or too many missing players. I may or may not be briefly participating in a Friday night Serenity campaign as well. My work schedule should allow me to participate 2-3 sessions. I'd put together a review of that as well.

4. Guest posts from other members of my group telling of their RPG experiences.

5. Reviews of various board/card games, gaming blogs, webcomics, and other geeky stuff. This would run in addition to other content. This would be posted when either I have to miss a session or the group plays a non-RPG.

6. Some combination of the above. The third option is a certainty and the others may or may not be mutually exclusive.

Until next time, roll well.

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